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Australia immediately conjures images of the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, big-wave surfing, miles of Outback and a rather strange, and endearing, assortment of animals. While the country’s main cities offer charm, glamour, unique festivals, a well-preserved historical heritage, fabulous beaches and fun events, it’s also a land of immense contrast and captivating nature. The nation offers something for just about everyone – from water lovers, desert wanderers and canyon climbers, to arts and culture buffs, historians, and foodies. The country’s vast size makes it almost impossible to take it all in during a single visit, but you can pick and choose a perfect holiday according to your personal preferences.


Days 1 - 3

Located 854 kilometres north of Canberra, the capital of Australia, in the Southern Downs Region of Queensland, Maryvale is a picturesque town surrounded by beautiful national parks, creeks and mountains. The Main Range National Park provides a camper’s paradise, with its huge range of scenic camping spots with various levels of facilities, and the Millar Vale Creek Park is perfect for picnicking and walks along the riverside. Other highlights include the cute St Albans Anglican Church, some great 4x4 trails, a wonderful local mobile library, and the Spicers Peak, which can be climbed from the Govoner's Chair at Spicers Gap.

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