The Indian Pacific travels from Sydney to Perth or vice versa along the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world. The epic 4,352 km-long journey takes four days and three nights and traverses the south of Australia across the Blue Mountains and through the barren expanses of the Nullabor via Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook, and Kalgoorlie. Guests can enjoy an all-inclusive stay in Platinum and Gold Service cabins and dine in style on gourmet dishes paired with fine Australian wines in the classically styled Queen Adelaide Restaurant. The Outback Explorer Lounge is the train’s centre of activity where passengers can socialise and enjoy a wide range of all-inclusive refreshments. Extended off-train excursions are offered at Broken Hill and Adelaide, both ways, and in the Barossa Valley, Kalgoorlie, and Cook on the eastbound journey. There is a short stop at Rawlinna on the westbound journey.